Personal training = results!

Whether you are new to the club or a veteran member, utilizing our high-quality personal trainers is a surefire way to get the most out of your club membership. Fifth Avenue Club trainers, with their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, will hold you accountable to your fitness goals by providing knowledge, enthusiasm, motivation
and inspiration.

To book your personal training session, contact our Personal Training Manager at 403-543-4747.

Training Options

The ultimate in personalization =
the ultimate in results.
Stay committed not only to each
other, but also to your goals.
Small Group
Feed off a group dynamic at a
lower cost.

Fifth Avenue Club’s convenience, friendly staff and dedicated personal training programs have been instrumental in my self-improvement. Many thanks to the Club for pointing me in the right direction and keeping me focused with their personalized and dedicated service.

Michael Campbell Member since 2003